About Us

On a chilly morning in November, 1978, David Braverman opened the window of an old school bus he had converted to a food vending truck and greeted the first LeBus customer. David had home-roasted beef for sandwiches, fresh baked blueberry muffins, and hot coffee for students at the University of Pennsylvania.

With no formal culinary training other than what he had learned from his restaurateur father, David forged his business with three guiding principles: make everything from scratch, use the best ingredients, and try everything.

LeBus was an immediate hit. The line’s grew, David was inspired to add more and more to the menu. Salads were invented, exotic soups concocted, and the first LeBus breads were baked in the small propane oven in the back of the bus.

As the seasons came and went, LeBus’s reputation for the best sandwiches, soups, and entrees grew. Driven by his love of baking, David traveled around the U.S.A and Europe to absorb knowledge he needed to bring the great breads of the world to Philadelphia.

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