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Bread is a special part of every culture around the globe – and at LeBus, we try to bring you some of the very best.  Great bread improves just about everything – and in a restaurant, bread is often the difference between so-so and standout.  There’s just something about the textures, aromas and shapes of true fresh artisan breads.

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It’s the Fall of 1986.

Fresh from her summertime sojourn in France, LeBus’ Esther McManus rushed downstairs to the small bakeshop she and owner David Braverman shared at LeBus restaurant in west Philadelphia.

Esther was gripping a carefully wrapped baguette she had smuggled through customs. She had learned to bake it in a corner bakery in Nice.

Together, she and David worked at re-creating the French Baguette using the flour, water, salt and fresh yeast available in their Philadelphia bakery.

After days of work, they were satisfied with the result. They took a fresh baguette to George Perrier, who chose to buy their baguette for his 5-star restaurant, LeBec Fin. At that moment LeBus Artisan Bakery was born.

Jeane-Marie Lacroix at the Four Seasons was next, and soon came restaurants, caterers and farmers markets around Philadelphia.

As the bakery grew, Esther and David traveled in France, Germany, Italy as well as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and all around the U.S. learning how to bake crusty, hand-made European and sourdough bread from experienced bakers.

To this day, their passion has not diminished.

“There are no tools that can duplicate the hands of a bread maker.”

— David Braverman, Founder —

In the summer of 1995, Esther and David spend the weekend with Julia in her home in Cambridge taping “Baking with Julia.”

Artisan breads – made by hand – for everyone.

Great Buns. Fresh Daily.

A really great brioche bun is the favorite companion to a great burger, crab cake sandwich and more. LeBus brioche buns have been staples in fine sandwich shops and restaurants for decades.

Handmade Artisan Quality

Classic techniques, time-honored recipes and fine quality ingredients are at the heart of every bread we make.

Bakers who care

At LeBus you’ll find an amazingly diverse team of people dedicated to making amazing breads. Our artisan bakers work everyday to bake fine fresh bread and pastry for our discerning customers.

Pastry Perfection

If you love making quality breads, it’s hard to avoid falling in love with fine pastries.  Contact us to get samples of our fresh croissants, muffins, danish, cookies and more.

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Artisan Breads Made by Hand – for Everyone